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M8x25mm Pins for Reference ending 147
50mm T/W, M8x15mm Braked - 60kg
Bearing Block Stacking Pads, for Folding Tables
30mm Dia Mounting Clips, 72x54mm
30mm Dia Mounting Clips, 72x27mm

Connectors & Joints for Panels

Metal Connetions System for Wooden Panels, Locking Connector Blocks, Wooden Panel Connectors, 90 Degree Panel Fixing, Connection Fittings, Solid MF Connectors

Tube & Wire Fittings > Table Fittings, Chair Links, Clips & Brackets > Connectors & Joints for Panels
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'Surf' M/F Nylon Table Connector

patented stylish economical construction
Bright Zinc/Black - In Stock In Stock £3.734

'Surf' M/F Metal Table Connector

patented stylish zamak construction
Bright Zinc/Black - In Stock In Stock £8.700

Click Catch Connector / Link System

patented design for tables & leaves
Bright Zinc - In Stock In Stock £2.545

Tilt Table Top Connector

Sold individually
Black - Special Order Item £1.714

2 Piece Metal Connection Block Set

1 set, or pair of male & female fittings
Zinc Alloy - In Stock In Stock £0.789

2 Piece Plastic Panel Clip Connector

for creating a 90 degree panel joint
Black - In Stock In Stock £0.273

Metal Butterfly Panel Connector

with premounted screw
Zinc Plated Metal - In Stock In Stock £0.311
EXTRA 20% Off

Zamak Maxi-Luna KD System

comes in kit form
Brown Plastic Cap - In Stock
Beige Plastic Cap - Special Order Item
Grey Plastic Cap - Special Order Item
White Plastic Cap - In Stock In Stock £0.733

90 Degree Fuerte Connection Kit, 3-Part

choice of 3 different length dowels
M8x64mm Dowel - In Stock
M8x74mm Dowel - Special Order Item
M8x84mm Dowel - Special Order Item In Stock £1.295

180 Degree Fuerte Connection Kit, 4-Part

1 female & 1 male dowel combined
M8x64mm Dowel - In Stock In Stock £2.630

180 Degree Fuerte Connection Kit, 5-Part

2 female dowels & threaded stud
In Stock In Stock £3.083