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2400mm Aerofoil Floor to Ceiling Snake

gloss finish / 26 part set
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Our subsidiary business Box15 has a range of snakes on display in their showroom,



A sleek and innovative brand new design based on the profile of a wing or aerofoil.  With a clam like opening, these stylish snakes allow for safe passaging of multiple cables in either a vertical or horizontal position.  Particularly striking thanks to their high gloss appearance, they have a pivoting and swinging action with a rapid unhooking system.  

Due to the nature of the installation with this particular vertical system, you actually need 2 flaps per cell with the total kit comprising 26 parts. This kit is designed specifically to drop from floor to ceiling and is pre-set at 2,400mm but special lengths can be catered for, specially to order.

We show standard colours & finishes where possible but these are constantly changing so if you require a colour not listed in the drop-down, speak to us as we may well have added it since.  

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Q: Re: Your 2400mm aerofoil floor to ceiling snake. We wish to fit a few of these from ceiling to DESK TOP i.e. ideally to connect to the desk top over a cable porthole in the desk. Then power and data can feed from the ceiling, down through the desk cable porthole and then in to the under desk cable management system. Is there any reason why this would not work? We can see that the overall length of the main snake can be cut shorter to size. But if the overall height did not exactly coincide with the 93mm height of the flaps, then there would be a gap either at the top or at the bottom? This would not matter that much. What is your advice/view on this? Thanks, Anthony Gilbert

A: Hi Anthony, Yes these cable snakes are designed for that exact purpose so they should work fine for your installation. As you have pointed out, as the flaps are connected to what is effectively a piece of extrusion this can be cut down to length (providing its cut at a section between 2 flaps). Please note for large trade quantities this part can be made to order for specific custom lengths, if you do need a large number of these please email the details to websales@bpfonline.co.uk and someone will get in touch. I hope that helps answer your question? Many thanks, The BPF Web Team.