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KUBA SLIM Square Profile Snake, 1260mm High

66 Chain Links | 2-Cell | With Square Base

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Our subsidiary business Box15 has a range of snakes on display in their showroom,



The KUBA SLIM Square Profile Snake (1260mm high) is a unique, 66 piece 2-cell cable channelling system designed for modern, ergonomic furniture. It is a variation on the original KUBA Snake - giving you a much slimmer profile cable cell than the regular KUBA cell. It is also shorter from top to bottom of the cell; subsequently improving the flexibility and helping the caterpillar track-like cable tidy to roll/unroll in line with the sit stand desk or other height adjustable workstations.

This set includes:

  • 1 x Table Connection
  • 1 x Cable Snake | 66 x Chain Links
  • 1 x Base Plate | Square

The elegant design of this cable management system is comprised of a twin-cell compartment which enables efficient management and separation of power and data cables.

Another unique aspect of the KUBA cable management range is that the snakes are modular, allowing you to add/remove cells as required to create any length. The modular design of the KUBA cable management range also features a wide variety of cable management accessories, all designed to complement each other.

Designed primarily for sit stand desking, the range focuses on an uninterrupted supply of power and data through the office, thanks to floor cable trunking, cable snakes and a range of accessories.

KUBA SLIM accessories include:

  • Magnet holders
  • Floor trunking
  • Cable ports
  • Under desk cable

For more information on how it works, why not watch our short video within the video tab above!

We show standard finishes where possible, but if you require a colour that is not listed then get in touch with our sales team today as custom parts may be available on request, subject to MOQ’s and extended lead times.

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Submitted by Jon (3/03/2021)
Very useful for a sitstand desk allows for neat cable management.Thicker cables will fit inside but may impede (slightly) the snaking.Included base is nicely weighted to ensure stability. Top piece screws easily into tabletop.Individual segments can be detached for flexibility.
Accurate Description
Value for money
Overall Score  4.8 / 5

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