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Pop Up In Desk Power & HDMI Module

Spring Loaded Pop Up | 4 Gang, 1 CAT6, 2 USB, HDMI & QI Wireless Charging

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Our sister co. Box15 has these on display in their showroom, ex-demo units available



A fully automatic pop up power tower for desks, meeting tables and can also be used in kitchens but please note the important information about the fuses below, as won't work with appliances such as kettles, toasters etc.  Fits a 120mm hole and has a built in spring loaded pop up mechanism, simply press down the top to pop the unit up for use.

The White model was launched initially, primarily designed with commercial office use in mind (and complies with the office electric installation standard BS5733/A and BS6396) but since then, we've added the Black model and both can be used throughout the home, although please bear in mind the fuse limitations.

With the White model only, it's possible to consider replacing the 20mm 3.15A fuses with other high-rating ones (like 5A, 10A, 13A), especially when you want to plug in any appliances of 0.75 KW or over but please bear in mind that normal 13A fuses are 25mm-long which is too long for this unit, unless you can source a 'special' but that would be a discussion that would need to be had with an electrician, who can advise better. However, please be aware that any attempt to replace the fuse / any modifications will void the warranty.

As standard this unit manufactured from Aluminium and Plastic, features:

  • 4 x UK 3-Pin (3.15A individually fused)
  • 1 x RJ45 Cat 6 Data Port
  • 2 x USB fast chargers (2.1A) - USB data connection not supported
  • 1 x HDMI Socket
  • 1 x QI Wireless Plate (5W)
  • 1 x 1.5 Metre Mains Lead, fitted with 3-Pin Plug
  • 1 x 0.5 Metre Data Leads with Female End Jack
  • White Module: 1 x 2.6m HDMI Cable (Hard wired)
  • Black Module: 1 x 1.8m HDMI Cable (Hard wired)

Cut Out Information : 120mm -0/+1 mm
Height : 270.7mm
Max. worktop/table top thickness : 90mm

** Click the video tab above to see the pop up mechanism in action **

As with most of our products, variations and specials can be made available, although minimum order quantities would apply. Similarly, you can also have different configurations such as hdmi etc, if you're wanted to swap out an existing feature for an alternative (subject to moq's!).

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Submitted by BP (25/08/2020)
Fab product. Pops up smoothly.
Accurate Description
Value for money
Overall Score  4.5 / 5

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Q: Hello, Is there a version of this pop-up where the USB port(s) are also fly-lead cables that come out of the bottom, along with the HDMI, Ethernet RJ45 and Power cables? Reason is Teams and Zoom have BYOD (Bring You Own Device) units for small meeting huddle rooms (e.g. Poly X30 VC unit) this connects to a laptop via USB for collaboration meetings, the USB allows the Poly unit to be the camera, microphone and speaker at the front of the room. The Laptop remains the Teams and Zoom software host, plug and play VC . The USB charging ports are great, but a modern method of VC is being missed. Also why is the HDMI fly-lead cable that comes out of the bottom a male HDMI connection, and the ethernet a female RJ45 socket? Logic dictates the HDMI cable has to connect to another HDMI cable(most likely another male connection), so the cable the comes out of the pop-up should be a female HDMI socket just like the ethernet RJ45 Socket. I’ll get off my soapbox now, Kind regards Richard 😊

A: Hello. These are imported units so we can only offer what is available as standard from our importer. We have had specials done in the past but the minimum quantity required to warrant a special was around 500 pieces. Should this be of interest, please contact the office for a quote. I hope this assists. Kind regards, BPF

Q: Will there be a version of these units with USB C? Can the HDMI be replaced with another USB?

A: Hello. No, currently not. And no I'm afraid it is not possible to replace the HDMI with another USB. Kind regards, BPF

Q: I'd like to see what does this product looks like under the desk please, do you have any images?

A: Hello. We have now added an image to the gallery showing the product from above & below the desk top. I hope this assists - Kind regards, BPF

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