About BPF Ltd

BPF is a privately owned company formed back in March 2000 and is still run by the same management team, with a combined experience of over 35 years in the Industry. Since Day 1, we've focused our investment on the latest injection mould tools, enabling us to offer customers unique & innovative component solutions - which to this day remains the cornerstone of our business!

The BPF premises

As the company has evolved, and with the formation of our sister company Tepco Engineering, the business has expanded and we have developed our product range into metal components & accessories. When we don't have the tooling available, we work with our global trading partners to make sure we're best placed to offer you a solution to your application. Our current range stands at just over 10,000 standard products & our warehouse carries over 125 million off-the-shelf components so we can react as quickly as you need us to.

With foundations firmly focused around a commitment to customer service & an unrivalled knowledge of our own market place, we’ll go that extra distance to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


All our tools are run on the latest automated injection moulding machines, operating 24 hours a day in Clean-room conditions, offering customers consistent repeatability in an efficient quality controlled environment. Machine capacity ranges from 22 to 360 tonnes and we specify all types of thermoplastics from sophisticated engineering polymers to basic commodity polymers in a diverse range of colours.


The dedicated BPF team

As a small company with a dedicated team, we appreciate that customer service is paramount to our day-to-day operation and we don’t expect customer’s to know our business inside out - that’s our job! If you don’t know a Part Number we’ll tell you what product you need and if you require a next day delivery, no matter how late you call, we’ll try our utmost to make it happen! Efficient warehousing means that stock can be rapidly distributed throughout the UK within 24 hours and to European customers in 3 - 5 days.

Join The Team!

Competitive Pricing...

Whilst we appreciate that few company buyers’ purchase on price alone, our close association with global trading partners ensures that if we can’t offer a product from our own tooling, we’ve always got a competitively priced alternative to offer our customer. To assist you with choosing the right product, we also offer a free of charge sample service so you can try before you buy. Whilst we put as much pricing information as we can on the website, we can't cater for every enquiry so speak to us for volume discounts!

Secondary-Op’s & Finishes...

Assembly, Drilling, Printing, Plating and Sorting operations are routinely carried out on behalf of our customers and we also offer numerous different finishes such as High Gloss & Sparked as well as different Etched finishes such as Woodgrain & Brushed effect. Many of our components have an option to add a company name or logo and we’ll also look to save you time and money modifying standard components before suggesting a Custom Moulding!