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Plastic corner protectors: Which to choose and when to use them

Corner protectors are usually made from plastic or rubber. They are used extensive by businesses in packaging products to keep them safe in transit, furniture manufacturers to protect buyers from sharp corners and even by homeowners to protect children from injury. But which corner protectors should you use and when?

Temporary or permanent corner protectors?

Whether your corner protector needs to be permanent or whether it’s for temporary use only will have an impact on the type of corner protector you need. A permanent corner protector will need to be more durable and long-lasting than a temporary corner protector for packaging. It will also need to look more discrete, whereas a packaging corner will need to be obvious, making the packing and unpacking process easier. The permanence will also impact the amount of money you’ll want to spend on your corner protectors. Our wide range of corner protectors varies extensively with some corner protectors starting at just a little over 5p.

Applications for corner protectors

  • Cupboard doors
  • Glass tables and shelves
  • Babyproofing fireplace hearths
  • Pallet guards to protect employees
  • Packaging of products for shipment
  • Window frame protection while in storage and transit
  • Strapping edge protectors to reinforce against strapping
  • Protecting desk corners or screen corners when in storage

Types of corner protectors

Closed plastic corner protectors

Closed plastic corner protectors are enclosed on the depth and on both faces. They slide onto the corners of the product protecting all 4 exposed sides of the corner. At just £189.32 + VAT for a pack of 1000 4mm thick corner profile protectors, these are most suited to packaging for glass, mirrors, plexiglass or plastic, thin boards of wood or chipboard while in transit.

Some of our corner protectors have additional thickness cushioning from the way they are shaped such as this 8mm corner profile protector.

For desks and tables, we have thicker corner profile protectors available to protect desktops and worktops from becoming damaged in transit, helping our customers to reduce waste. These are also available with the additional shaping for more cushioning and greater levels of protection.

Open corner protectors

If your product needs to be visually appealing on display. Or if it only needs protection on one side, an open plastic corner protector could be more suitable. These corner protectors only provide protection on three sides, but they don’t interfere with the aesthetics if your product is on display.

Expanding corner protectors

Expanding corner protectors are really versatile and offer the added bonus that one size fits almost all. This means you can buy in bulk and take advantage of the excellent prices you can find at BPF Online when you buy in quantity, even when buying for a range of different product thicknesses.

Bumper guards and reinforced corners

Our corner bumper guards are more appropriate for long-term use on sharp items of furniture to protect people from banging themselves on protruding corners. Our furniture bumper guards come in a number of colourways including white, brown or natural.

If you need corner protectors that can withstand a little more banging about, we have a range of thick corner protectors that are reinforced for additional shock absorbency. These come in 28mm, 30 mm, 38 mm and 40mm thicknesses.

Pyramid Profile Corner Protectors

Pyramid corner protectors are for cuboid items like boxes rather than sheets of wood, mirrors or glass which are more suited to our three-sided protectors.

These pyramid corner protectors can also be used to reinforce the corners of cardboard boxes during transportation. Because it’s important that these guards stay in place, we even produce a pyramid corner protector with a glue spot attached to an inside wall of the guard to help keep it secure. However, if you’re wrapping your box with plastic, you won’t need the added glue spot, so we also do one without.

Strapping Edge Profile Protectors

These help to keep strapping in place when transporting palleted goods, preventing the taut strapping from cutting into the packaging or products and causing damage. BPF Online’s strapping edge profile protectors have ridges molded into them to protect them from slipping out from under the strapping, or to prevent the strapping from slipping off of the protector.

If you need longer protection strips for your palleted goods, we have 1.2 metre pallet extrusion too which can help protect the lengths of your palleted goods.

Window frame corner protectors

These clever little clips attach securely to PVC window and door frames to fit 60mm and 70mm window profiles. These prevent the vulnerable corners of doors and window frames from becoming damaged in transit.

If you have any questions about our range of plastic corner protectors, we have a helpful team of advisors on standby. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, it’s possible our plastic molding service could help you find the perfect solution. Simply give us a call or drop us a message on our website chat.



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