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KUBA Square Profile Snake, 1250mm High

40 No. 2-Cell Design / with Square Base

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Our subsidiary business Box15 has a range of snakes on display in their showroom,



These 2-Cell Cable Snakes are designed with a Square Profile to suit today's modern desking trends and come in a choice of standard lengths of 750mm or 1250mm.  Safely channels power & data cables away from desks & worktops.

The KUBA Range features many different products and accessories, designed to compliment each other. Designed primarily for Sit/Stand Desking, the range focuses on an uninterrupted supply of power and date through the office, thanks to floor trunking, cable snakes and various accessories.

We show standard colours & finishes where possible but these are constantly changing so if you require a colour not listed in the drop-down, speak to us as we may well have added it since.  

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Submitted by Mr Tsvetomir Pantaleev (22/03/2016)
Good product
Accurate Description
Value for money
Overall Score  4.5 / 5

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Q: hi, i am very interested in this product, perhaps even using it with our big client, the volumes will be in the 1000's eventually. i nned it slightly different, the bottom weight is not rewuired, i need the fixing brcket at the top to be simialr at the bottom, both end will eventuallly fasten to a work top !!! can you look into to this for me

A: Thanks for your enquiry and I've just heard back from the factory, who've confirmed that this is perfectly possible to achieve. They would make up the configuration you need specially, as you've stated the standard base isn't required, so in light of that - what would the optimum length be you want us to quote on? Obviously the more or less cells you use, is going to affect the price so we might as well quote it on exactly what you need?

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