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The rules around window restrictors

What are window restrictors? Window restrictors are typically used in households with young children or in healthcare settings. However, they...
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Recessed castors- what they are and when to use them

Recessed castors are both discrete and practical. They can barely be seen unless actively sought out, but can be relied...
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4 Uses For Adjustable Feet You Need to Know

If you’re looking for adjustable feet for your furniture or equipment, BPF Online is a great place to start. Not...
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Plastic corner protectors: Which to choose and when to use them

Corner protectors are usually made from plastic or rubber. They are used extensive by businesses in packaging products to keep...
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The best way to protect your products in transit

Businesses invest a lot of time and money in trying to find the perfect formula to protect their products while...
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3 Ways BPF Online is helping customers keep carbon footprints low

The pressure is on for businesses to become more sustainable and to reduce their carbon footprint. Whether you’re aiming to...
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Pop-up sockets: what they are, when to use them and how to choose them

Pop-up sockets are so much more than 3-pin plug extensions. Pop-up sockets can give you power where you need it,...
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Power up on the go with one charger for all your devices

When out and about at work, it can be a challenge to keep everything charged – particularly if you need...
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Exploring the Versatility of Flip-Top Tables

Flip Top Tables are the epitome of versatile table space. And, with the sun finally making an appearance (just in...
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How our Build your own desk screen range offers more choice in your office configurations

Building your own desk screen may seem like an appealing solution if you simply can’t find the right desk screen...
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Get ready for a stress-free camping trip this May Bank Holiday

The May bank holiday is one of the busiest weekends of the year for camping in Britain. Every May, year, brave Brits dust off their canvas, pull out the groundsheet and head to the UK countryside in search of the perfect low-cost holiday – under canvas.

In 2022, 7.2 million households camped for the first time, with 50% of travellers seeing camping as the safest type of holiday in this post-COVID world.

Where the original surge in camping holidays could be attributed to finding a ‘safe’ and reliable break in the great outdoors, the cost of living crisis has fuelled the fire. According to campinginbritain.co.uk, 1 in 25 Brits camped on average at least once a month last year.

However, with camping holidays, there is a whole new level of organisation needed for a stress-free vacation. You need to pack sun lotion and waterproofs, wellies and flip flops, pots and pans… even the kitchen sink.

But there is one thing which, if overlooked could completely scupper your sojourn. Imagine the scene. You paddle down the River Wye all day in the warm sunshine (or walk through the forest) and, exhausted, you find the perfect campsite to set up camp. You begin to unpack your tent and pull out everything only to find your tent pole ridge ends aren’t in the bag, or your tent pegs have been removed after last year’s garden camping.

By getting ahead and checking out your tent in advance you can make sure everything has been stored away and hasn’t become damaged in storage. If you find your tent or its components have been damaged, you do at least have time to find replacement components and avoid the costly task of buying a whole new tent.

Here, at BPF, we offer a range of tent components to help you have a stress-free holiday. And, as we offer better prices to those who buy in larger quantities, we’re the perfect partner for Schools working with Duke of Edinburgh, Scout, Cubs and Beaver Troupes, Guides and even campsites where people are likely to need tent components to make their stay go smoothly.

Our spiked feet for tent poles are perfect for securing tent poles and are available as either ¾” or as 7/8” diameter and, starting at a mere 51p but they do have a 2-4 week lead time so it is worth getting your orders in now. Our spiked feet for tent poles are plastic disks with a tube insert for the tent peg one side and a spike to secure the tent pole in the ground on the other. To find the right size for your tent poles, check out our Tube Fittings Buying Guide.

We also stock tent pole tops too to stop your tent holes from making holes in your tent canvas (and to help save eyes from rogue tent poles). These are rounded caps which are inserted into your tent poles, making the ends safer. We also keep ridge pole ends in stock.

If you’re camping in the UK, you may need a temporary clothes washing line. These can be expensive but you can make one easily and we sell clothes prop tops for a matter of pennies. This makes it easy for you to create your own washing line on a shoestring (or something a little stronger like washing line!).  It’s worth checking your campsite conditions and rules first.

If you’re camping you may also need a reliable charger that can be charged quickly, and that can charge multiple devices with different connections. Our Omni20+ power chargers have all the versatility you need to be able to charge your phone, cameras, lamps and smart-watches while you’re away.

Our BPF customer service team are here if you need any advice about the best tent components to repair your camping holiday tent. Simply give us a call or drop us a message on our website chat.

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