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The rules around window restrictors

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4 Uses For Adjustable Feet You Need to Know

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Plastic corner protectors: Which to choose and when to use them

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The best way to protect your products in transit

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3 Ways BPF Online is helping customers keep carbon footprints low

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Pop-up sockets: what they are, when to use them and how to choose them

Pop-up sockets are so much more than 3-pin plug extensions. Pop-up sockets can give you power where you need it,...
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Power up on the go with one charger for all your devices

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Exploring the Versatility of Flip-Top Tables

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How our Build your own desk screen range offers more choice in your office configurations

Building your own desk screen may seem like an appealing solution if you simply can’t find the right desk screen...
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Why sit stand desks are a long-term investment

In 2022, the number of workdays lost to sickness rocketed to 185 million – that’s more than a 30% increase on the numbers from 2021, and around a 50% increase from pre-pandemic levels. Around 10% of all these sickness days were caused by muscular-skeletal issues and poor posture is one of the largest contributors to muscular skeletal issues.

In fact, according to the HSE, 677,000 workers each year suffered a new case of ill health which they believe to have been caused or made worse by their work.

These days off from work don’t come cheap. Whether it’s paying wages for those who aren’t in the office, cancelling meetings, losing clients, or having to recruit and train a whole other member of staff, sick days are costly.

It isn’t just short-term issues such as back pain that employers need to concern themselves with either.

There is an extensive amount of epidemiological evidence that shows sedentary behaviour is associated with life-limiting health conditions. Illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers are all increased by sitting for prolonged periods – and this increase in risk is independent of other risk factors such as body mass index, physical activity and poor mental health.

By encouraging office workers or desk workers to stand intermittently throughout the day, employers can help reduce muscular-skeletal issues and the long-term negative impact that sitting can have on the health of their workforce.

What is a sit stand desk?

This is where a sit stand desk can come in handy. A sit stand desk, sometimes called a height-adjustable desk, is a desk that can be raised or lowered to accommodate sitting in a chair, or standing to work. Some height-adjustable desks have manual controls and are raised by the use of a lever or crank. Other sit stand desks can be powered by a gas spring or can even be electronic. With electronic sit stand desks, the height of the desk is visible on a display which can help the user to easily achieve the perfect height for good posture every time.

Sit stand desks can:

Reduce spinal compression

By mobilising our backs and standing regularly we engage our core muscles, strengthen the muscles that support our spine and reduce the risk of injury and back pain.

Help employees burn more calories

One study conducted by Harvard found that, while sitting, participants burned 80 calories an hour – the same amount they would if watching television. However, while standing, their calorie consumption increased to 88. This may look like a marginal difference but for an average 40-hour working week, that’s a difference of 320 calories.

Improve body functions

The same Harvard study showed that following a meal, blood sugar levels return to normal faster for participants that stood than those who tend to sit.

Increase productivity

A study conducted in a call centre by Texas A&M University found that those callers who stood up at work were 50% more productive. Regular periods of standing or additional walking can lead to improvements in feelings of fatigue. By standing, we encourage our heart to beat faster, helping to circulate blood around the body and providing more oxygenated blood to our brains for clearer thinking.

At BPF Online, we stock a wide range of sit stand desk frames from 520mm wide to 1800mm wide. Our height-adjustable desk frames include sit stand desks that are electronic, gas sprung or manual so, whatever your needs, we’ll have a sit stand desk frame that you can team with the perfect desktop to create a desk that’s right for your office environment.

For more specific questions about any of our braked or unbraked castors or our threaded feet products, you can chat with our friendly and trained advisors online.

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